1. October 2017

A look in the rearview mirror

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Jansen Competition – your partner in motorsport – since 1963.

1961, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany: at the Ampergau-Rally, a round of the German rally championship, the career of a young Bavarian began. His name: Falko Jansen, his first rallycar: a VW Beatle – his extremely succesfull career should last more than 20 years. He knew the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife like the back of his hand, he was racing at the first international Rallycross in Melk, he had top-rankings at hill-climbing races and also in the rally world he was not an unknown name.

But also apart from the racetrack he had a close relation to motorsport and so in 1963 he founded Jansen Competition, which soon became Germany´s leading address for the preparation of Simca race and rally cars.

In 1978 Jansen Competition moved from Fürstenfeldbruck to Ruprechtshofen in Austria. Falko Jansen and his wife Renate established the company completely new and changed it from a tuning company to a supplier for all kinds of equipment needed by race drivers and all different kinds of cars. Because of the long experience as a sportsman and as a tuner there is hardly any problem in which we can´t help our customers.

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