Jansen Competition is one of the leading motorsport outfitters in Europe. Through our long-standing cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the industry, such as OMP, Goodridge, ZF Sachs, HJS, ATL and many others, we offer the ambitious motorsports enthusiast as well as the professional factory team the opportunity to obtain all products for motorsports needs from a single source. This saves time and costs for you and guarantees optimal advice.

Driver equipment

Overalls for automotive and karting, underwear, shoes, gloves, helmets, hydration systems, HANS, intercoms, radios, team and mechanic clothing, karting equipment.

Safety equipment

Sports seats for motorsport and road, seat consoles, harness belts, steering wheels and hubs, pedal pads, rally accessories, hood brackets, towing eyes, fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems, dome struts, roll cages and safety cells, cage padding material, window nets, underbody protection, tension belts.

Brake technology

Brake calipers and accessories, high performance brake systems, brake discs, brake lines, brake pads, temperature gauges.

Couplings and hydraulics

Brake fluid, brake force control valves, brake and clutch cylinders, fluid reservoirs, balance beams and adjusting shafts, pedal systems, hand brakes, quick disconnect clutches, breather hoses and air intakes, breather bottles, release bearings, heavy-duty clutches, transmissions and differential locks.

Electrical accessories

Indicators and sensors, shift lights, rev limiters, lambda meters, tachometers, display systems, data logging, tripmasters, racing batteries, jump starters, cables and accessories, rain lights, circuit breakers, switches, main switches.

Box equipment

Quick lifters, pit boards, fabric tape, air testers, stopwatches, laptimers, temperature gauges, tents, barrier tapes, floor plates, camber and tracking gauges, wheel load scales.

Tanks and accessories

Fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel pressure regulators, fuel caps, filler hoses, fuel valves, safety tanks and accessories, tank foam, quick disconnect couplings, dip tube transducers and gauges, octane boosters, jerry cans, fueling equipment, hoses and fittings.

Oil, water and air

Oil coolers, oil cooler mounting parts, dry sump pumps, oil tanks, wiggins caps, water tanks and coolers, radiator caps, fans, hose clamps, turbo relief valves, intercoolers, silicone hoses, water pumps, oil pumps.

Technical products

Heat protection products, tire-heating blankets, mirrors, closure systems and fasteners, headlights, exhaust systems and parts, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, air filters, carburetors.

Chassis technology

Motorsport suspensions, suspension springs, shock absorbers, suspension joints, support bearings, wheel studs and nuts, rally spikes and accessories, kart tires with spikes, rims, suspension bushings, air jacks and air lances.

Detailed information on our extensive product range can be found in our current product catalog.